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30 August 2006 @ 07:40 pm
In light of this roleplay never getting off the ground, as well as the introduction of a new FFVII roleplay, I've decided to do a bit of a makeover and give LOST another chance. Anyone who wants to stick around, please do! I'd love to have you and actually get some writing done. As of right now, your characters are all still held.

Please let me know within a week if you would like to stay. That means by September 6th.

As a part of attempting to get this roleplay off the ground, we are combining LOST's storyline with that of ff7_redemption. LOST will be AVALANCHE's perspective of the roleplay and storyline, while Redemption will be that of Shinra's.

Most everything to do with AVALANCHE will be posted here. Your logs, your profiles, and all plotting for strictly AVALANCHE need to be done on these communities. The same can be said for Shinra; their logs, profiles, and plotting will go on Redemption's communities.

However, there will be times when AVALANCHE and Shinra overlap. In those cases, you are more than encouraged to roleplay on both communities. If a thread is started in LOST, for example, that has Tifa and Cid breaking into the Shinra building, Reno and Rude can reply to that post and carry on an interaction there.

If Rufus is going to the supermarket on Redemption's main community, then Barret can go ahead and reply to the thread on Redemption about picking up some milk.

That is why it is essential to join both communities and keep up with threads on both. Interaction will be happening in both places that you won't always be participating in, but you should still keep abreast of it just in case it affects your character.

Members are free to post OOC comments on both OOG journals, but try to keep things relating to AVALANCHE on lost_oog and things relating to Shinra on redemption_oog.

Most importantly, get to know everyone and have fun! It might seem a little confusing at first, but I promise it will be easy to participate in both halves of the roleplay.
30 August 2006 @ 07:33 pm
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30 August 2006 @ 07:25 pm
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12 October 2005 @ 03:26 pm
Player Information

Name: Ryan
E-mail: TenchouUrahara@aol.com
IM Services: AIM - Black Bankai

Character Information

Name: Cid Highwind
Age: 36
Height: 5'8
Build: Medium build, lean with broad shoulders.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond
Hair style: Short blond hair kept back by constant wind exposure and by his goggles.
Clothing: Blue T-shirt, a jacket tied around the waist, elbow length gloves, dog tag around the neck, green pants, black boots, and goggles.

Weapons: A spear. Any kind've spear, as long as it gets the job done.
Fighting style: Dragoon like spear fighting.
Occupation: Pilot

Family: None
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual, what else would he be?
Pets: Are you outta your %*#$&@* mind?

Personality: Cid is a surly airship pilot and a mechanical whiz, though Shera easily outclasses him there. Anyone who knows him knows that he has a short temper and won't hesitate to start cussing someone out. Often he comes off as a jackass, but he does care about his friends, and Shera, even if he doesn't show it all that often. He can also seem to be incredibly impatient at times.
Recent past: Cid has spent the last two years of his life living in Rocket Town. Under the same roof as Shera, no less, which seems to have its own consequences, such as random arguments and the such. Whenever he's not at home or arguing with Shera, he can be seen out by the Sierra, making modifications or doing something to better the ship in the long run. When he's not doing either, he can often be seen wandering Rocket Town to help those that need it.

Strengths: Piloting and machinery skills, having his own airship, skill with a spear.
Weaknesses: Cigarettes, his damn temper, bluntness.
Phobias: Shera. Definitely Shera.

Anything else:
  • Blood type - B
  • Birthday - February 22nd.
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    03 October 2005 @ 07:28 pm
    Player Information

    Name: Liz
    E-mail: Redeemer_Raziel@hotmail.com
    IM Services: AIM: ConfusedKain, MSN: Redeemer_Raziel@hotmail.com

    Character Information

    Name: Nanaki
    Age: 52
    Height: 3'9"
    Build: Sturdy.
    Eye color: Flame
    Hair color: Fur coat: Firey, Mane: Chestnut
    Hair style: Mohawk
    Clothing: Four iron bands around each limb, ear rings and black tipped feathered and beaded headdress.

    Weapons: Fangs, claws and headdress.
    Fighting style: Close-range.
    Occupation: Former Shin-Ra experimental animal.

    Family: Mate.
    Marital Status: Mated for life.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Pets: None, unless you include Cait Sith sitting ontop of his head.

    Personality: Sarcastic but witty as well as too smart for the normal human mind.
    Recent past: After the events of Advent Children, Nanaki returns back to Cosmo Canyon with his family and other survivors of his race that where once believed to have died out, leaving Nanaki alone in the world which in turn, put him on Shin-Ra's experimental test subject list; to the thanks of Professor Hojo.

    Strengths: Physical, front line attacking.
    Weaknesses: Lack of Materia use and long range weapons.
    Phobias: Soccer balls(?)

    Anything else: No visibility in his right eye, also many other noticeable tribal markings all over his body.
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    25 September 2005 @ 02:31 am
    Player Information

    Name: Brie
    E-mail: pootslug@yahoo.com
    IM Services: paopu_hearts@hotmail.com [msn] 124484492 [icq] hinacha [aim] pootslug [yahoo]

    Character Information

    Name: Unknown
    Age: Unknown, physically mid to late twenties
    Height: 5'10"
    Build: Tall with thin, ropey muscles. His shoulders are fairly broad and his midsection is thick, the result of a large ribcage rather than an actual surplus of muscles.
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair color: Pale blonde
    Hair style: His hair falls just between his shoulder blades in messy, untamed layers. He seems to be either trying to grow it out, or he just has not noticed that it needs a trim.
    Clothing: Black pants, a blue turtleneck, a heavy black coat, sturdy boots, and black gloves.

    Weapons: A very long, very thin sword.
    Fighting style: Pointy end in enemy. More seriously, this man is a deadly fighter, and if you find yourself on the wrong enough of his blade, you'll only live through it if he decides you aren't worth killing after all.
    Occupation: Unknown

    Family: Unknown
    Marital Status: Unknown
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Pets: Unknown

    Personality: Not much is known in the way of this man's personality. When he is observed, he is often muttering to himself, and he seems to wear a perpetual expression of pain, which leaves him pinched around the edges and almost sickly looking at times. His eyes are either flat and cold, or very troubled, and he seems to suffer from severe mood swings from time to time. When left to his own devices, he seems to have trouble deciding what to do and where to go, and tends to argue with himself.
    Recent past: Tifa recently fought with him in Midgar, and it is suspected that he kidnapped and likely murdered several of Shin-Ra's former top scientists. At the moment his whereabouts are unknown, but he is not perceived to be too much of a threat, as he hasn't actively done anything... yet.

    Strengths: Skill with a sword, adept at slipping in and out of areas unnoticed, physical strength, intelligence.
    Weaknesses: Unknown
    Phobias: Unknown

    Anything else: He bears a strange likeness to Cloud Strife, but it has not been confirmed if it is in fact him, or just someone who looks similar to him. There are obvious differences; his hair is longer and paler, he is taller, broader in the shoulder, and he carries himself with an arrogance that Cloud never had.
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    25 September 2005 @ 02:11 am
    Player Information

    Name: Kate, Kat, whatever you come up with
    E-mail: dis one. SAhunterZer0@aol.com
    IM Services: AiM, MSN- NinjaoftheLeaf, the_other_self@msn.com

    Character Information

    Name: Vincent Valentine
    Age: approx. 60?, appears approx 28
    Height: 6' (or so the site said)
    Build: Lithe, toned
    Eye color: strange, slightly glowing red
    Hair color: black
    Hair style: what hair style? This is Vincent. He's been in a coffin for 30 years. >> Long and unkempt.
    Clothing: What appears to be a black suit, brown leather boots with metal coverings, a glove on his right hand, a metal prosthesis claw on his left arm, and a ratty red cloak that he never appears to be
    without. Said prosthesis serves as a shield and is difficult to inflict serious damage upon, though it does get rather scratched up.

    Weapons: Various firearms, favouring Cerberus, a three barreled rifle (Advent Children weapon)
    Fighting style: gunslinger
    Occupation: n/a, though does the occasional odd bounty

    Family: just AVALANCHE
    Marital Status: single
    Sexuality: heterosexual, but you'd never get close enough to him to find that out, anyway
    Pets: none, unless you count the demons

    Personality: A quiet, seemingly cold man, Vincent typically does not speak unless he feels it's appropriate. This is slightly different around the members of AVALANCHE, though, as they are close to kin as the man has. Vincent is not one to quickly warm up to people, and keeps many of his thoughts to himself-- he carries a burden he does not wish to put upon others. He is a recovering sociopathic, apathetic, stoic killer with reflexes no human can match when it comes to drawing his weapon. If something gets in the way of his mission, he will be sure to dispose of it. Don't piss him off, though that takes a bit of trying (hell, Yuffie's not even gotten to that point, yet). He also seems paranoid schitzophrenic at times, possessed (for lack of a better term) by demons. Chaos is the chattiest of them all, and typically has a cynically witty comment to throw in here and there.
    Recent past: Vincent again disappeared from the sight of AVALANCHE, living off the land and what he could get ahold of. The man needs a cell phone.

    Strengths: Speed, dexterity, most physical senses (sight, hearing, sixth sense)
    Weaknesses: Lucrecia, his inner turmoil (read- Chaos's tormenting), his inability to forgive himself
    Phobias: Losing to Chaos, irreversable harm coming to his friends

    Anything else:
  • Birthday: October 13
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